About Us

To serve our community and profession by empowering agents to perform at their maximum potential in their careers, to be a positive force in our community and to be successful in all areas of their lives!

What is the Gwin Difference?

  • Provide Leadership Training
  • Personal Coaching
  • Positive Team Atmosphere
  • Office Generated Leads
  • Professional Support Staff

One of the first independance real estate companies in our area, we have maintained a history of success since 1980.


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We understand that your interest in exploring a career with Frances Anne Gwin Realty, LLC should remain private and confidential. After submitting your information, you will be contacted by our Recruiting Associate who will answer any questions and coordinate a priority interview with you.

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Success Stories

Gwin Realty is one of the earliest real estate businesses on Peavine Rd. leading to Fairfield Glade.  They have an established reputation and long track record of assisting not only residents of Fairfield Glade and the county, but also clients who are considering relocating to our area.  Gwin Realty also have services that other real estate companies do not offer and that is a built in marketing system for potential clients with an established property management division, whether it be short term or long term rentals.  The other is Tennessee Mountain Golf, which brings in thousands of golfing visitors a year that expose new people to our area and all of the benefits that the community has to offer.  Gwin Realty is much more than your typical real estate office offering complete and continued customer service not for the short term, but for the long haul.

Jeff Cooper
Gwin Realty
Working at Gwin Realty for me has been truly a positive experience since day one.  The other agents are there to help you anyway they can, not to compete with you.  The positive atmosphere and comradery here make going to work a pleasure.  The best part of my experience here is Mary Helen's willingness to support my goals, the technical support and training at Gwin and the way we are treated. When I started here MH asked what are my goals and wanted to know what she could do to help. I wasn't expected to do what others were doing.  MH is also very willing to listen to suggestions from agents and act on them.  
I was a very inexperienced agent when starting at Gwin, I worked in another office for a short time. I honestly owe all of my success to Mary Helen, the other agents in the office and the work environment provided at Gwin Realty. 
I have personally recommended other agents to come talk to MH about working here and several have joined our team. It's a great place to work! 
Michael Albin
Gwin Realty

Gwin Realty offers a professional work environment. The other realtors in the office are more than happy to give you their time for advice or to answer questions. The broker is always available to help with a transaction and offers regular sales meetings with ideas to help you reach your sales goals. Gwin Realty is the best office environment that I have ever had in the real estate business.

John Phillips
Gwin Realty

Working for Mary Helen McHugh at Gwin Realty is a pleasant experience. The atmosphere is like a family. All of the employees work together as a team willing to help each other willingly whenever needed. Additionally Mary Helen is constantly providing learning opportunities and information to keep us up on the latest industry developments and fine tune our skills.

David Sullivan
Gwin Realty